After a summer of playing ball, swimming, catching fireflies and getting plenty of attention from his favorite boy or girl, your four-legged kid may not be himself when the human kids dash off
to school. A sudden change of schedule can lead to stress in your dog or cat resulting in behavioral problems. Using these pet first aid tips you may be able to avoid the following scenarios. Your pet may eat too much, not want to eat at all or start eating strange objects such as plants, dirt, toys, or clothing. This can cause in vomiting, diarrhea, and skin problems to name a few. Now is the time to give your four-legged family member some extra
attention and to sharpen up on your animal care skills.

pups anxiously waiting for their kids. Keep them safe by learning Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid Can Help

Lara Huzzard, with Stable Hands Pet Care and Services offers Pet First Aid & CPR Classes in our community, so this is the PURRfect time to get off on the right paw and learn to save your pet’s life! According to Huzzard, “Ninety-percent of all dogs and cats suffer an emergency at some point
in their lives, so learning what to do at the moment something happens – even BEFORE you get
to veterinary help – can make a big difference in their recovery!”

Pet Tips

Additionally, there are several things to keep in mind that can help the animals in your household
adjust and stay safe.
● When the school bell rings, don’t let your pet go back to school too. A lonely pet may want to tag along. Keep your pet confined when children leave for school, and if you
drive, don’t take the pets with you. Animals learn quickly and may find their own way to
school resulting in them becoming lost or injured. For severe separation anxiety, place
the t-shirt your child slept in the night before in your pet’s bed — as long as he doesn’t rip
it to shreds, it will make him feel like his boy or girl is there with him.
● Now that mom or dad may be experiencing a little “empty nesting”, it’s a great time to
spend extra quality time with the family pet. Embark on an exercise and training program
for your dog. A tired dog is a good dog who will wait patiently for his “kids” to come
home from school.
● Love and attention is a bow wow wonderful thing, but you don’t want your dog or cat to become a “velcro” pet sticking to your side every second of the day. Interest your dog in
toys filled with treats in between training sessions and belly rubs. Just be careful though not to over-treat your pets and have them pack on the pounds.
● If your cat is seeming bored with the kids away, look into enrichment toys for kitty. These can include tunnels, food puzzles, and other small kitty toys.

Lara has more tips that can help you become an even better pet parent! Contact
her at for the next Pet First Aid & CPR Class in your area, or sign up here!