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David Huzzard

David grew up in the shadow of Washington, D.C. But just like Lara, he has never known a life without pets. David’s love for animals started when he was young and would spend weekends at his grandparent’s house. Ward Huzzard, David’s grandfather, was an avid birdwatcher and photographer. Beyond the time with his grandfather, David fondly remembers his family’s dog, Carly. And, how much love Carly had for him as a child. As a child, David spent a lot of time at his sister’s house getting to know their pets. Orange Tabby, Sunny, and Basset Hound, Ryan. David would get to know several more family pets, Allie, Roxie, and Dory, before departing for college. Where he would earn his degree in English with a minor in Political Science in 2005.

After college David went to work for the family business, a photo supply company, Fuller and d’Albert. When working for the family stopped working. David decided to forge his own path and began pet sitting and dog walking with his wife Lara. Eventually, David grew tired of the traffic and congestion in Fairfax, Virginia, and along with his wife Lara, they moved to Virginia Beach to found Stable Hands Pet Care and Services on the core values of open communication, reliable service, and a lifetime of passion for animals that helps them provide the best pet sitting, dog walking, and cat sitting services they can.

Lara Huzzard

Lara grew up on her family’s dairy farm in Union Bridge, Maryland. caring for all the baby calves, border collies, and barn kitties. Throughout High School Lara served as a working student at several horse farms in exchange for learning to ride Dressage. In 2005 Lara earned her degree in Equine Science from Delaware Valley University and began managing horse farms.

In 2008 Lara moved to Northern Virginia to live with David and soon discovered pet sitting and dog walking as a career. Lara started out the majority of cat-sitting with a few dog-walking clients to supplement her income at her primary job as a cake decorator. Eventually, Lara enjoyed pet sitting and dog walking so much that she made it her primary job along with managing a horse farm in Haymarket, Virginia where she continued to hone her Dressage skills and even rode with Olympic-level riders. Lara moved to Virginia Beach in 2015 and founded Stable Hands Pet Care and Services along with her husband, David, and in her time in Virginia Beach Lara has helped to bring peace of mind to hundreds of pet owners on thousands of pet sitting and dog walking visits.

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