Services And Pricing

Pet Sitting and Walking Prices

Our pet care services are priced by the task. Whether you need pet sitting, dog walking, or cat sitting services. A short potty break that takes no more than 10-20 minutes is a basic visit. Visits that include feeding are our standard visit and the deluxe and ultra visits are for dogs that require more exercise or just want some extra cuddle and love time.

Pet Visiting Rates

Basic Visit 10-20 Minutes–$21.00

Standard Visit 20-30 Minutes–$24.00

Deluxe Visit 30-45 Minutes–$27.00

Ultra Visit 45-60 Minutes–$36.00

Hourly Rate–$45.00


Pet Visiting Packages

Basic Package of 20 Visits–$399.00

Standard Package of 20 Visits–$456.00

Deluxe Package of 20 Visits–$513.00

Ultra Package of 20 Visits–$684.00

Basic Package of 60 Visits–$1,134.00

Standard Package of 60 Visits–$1,296.00

Deluxe Package of 60 Visits–$1,458.00

Ultra Package of 60 Visits–$1,944.00

Other Pet Care Services

Pet Taxi Service

Does your little furry friend need transportation to the vet or groomer? If you are not able to get off work or change your schedule, we are there for you and your pet.

Pet Taxi One Way–$45.00

Pet Taxi Single Day Round Trip–$60.00

Pet First Aid Courses

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Daily Pet Sitting Rates

We get asked a lot about our daily rates. Our daily rates depend upon the level of care required for your pet. They can be as low as $21.00 for a once a day stop in visit up to $204.00 a day for an Overnight with two Deluxe mid-day visits to ensure your pet gets outside every four to five hours. For more information on our daily rates please call or e-mail and we’ll craft a plan catered to your pet’s needs.