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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking


Stable Hands pet care and services of a white and brown bulldog


Your Partners in Pet Care

Stable Hands Pet Care and Services was founded in 2015 by David and Lara Huzzard. Since that time they have built a team of dedicated pet care professionals who are standing by to help with all your pet care needs. 

Stable hands pet care and services of a white snouzer.
Stable hands pet care and services of a white bulldog.

Stable Hands Pet Care and Services

Dog Walking

Stable Hands mid-day dog walking services help achieve work-life-balance. It can be difficult to balance pet ownership and professional obligations. Whether it is a meeting that runs late, a long daily commute, or an at home Zoom call that’s keeping you from your dog Stable Hands is ready to walk your dog when you can’t.

Vacation Pet Sitting

Our pets are particular about where they stay and some would prefer as little interruption in their routine as possible. That’s where Stable Hands comes in. Our vacation pet sitting services as designed so that your pet can stay in their home while you travel. At our complimentary meet and greet we will go over your pets daily routine and customize a schedule that keeps them on routine giving you peace of mind while you travel.

Cat Care

It takes a special person to understand a cat, and Stable Hands Pet Care and Services team is full of special people that understand all cats are different. Cats are unique and special creatures that require care customized to their needs which can be as simple as putting down food and cleaning a cat box to dedicated snuggle time on a favorite blanket.

Stable hands pet care and services first aid kit

Pet CPR and First Aid Courses

No matter the age of your pet, it’s important to be prepared for anything to help our fuzzy family members. We offer online, hybrid, and in-person classes.

Why Choose Stable Hands Pet Care?

Stable Hands Pet Care and Services is a team of dedicated pet professionals who work with our pet sitting and dog walking clients to design a customized care plan for their pet. We offer dog walking and vacation pet sitting services customized to your pets needs and routine. Whether it is a short drop in visit for an easy going cat, a walk around the block for a mid-day potty break for a dog, or morning, mid-day, dinner, and bedtime visits for a multi-species home our visits are customized to your pets needs. 

Stable Hands Pet Care and Services is a licensed, bonded, and insured professional pet care company that has been in operation since 2015 providing dog walking and vacation pet sitting services to the residents of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk. 

From the first time you call us we get to know your pet and their unique needs. We deepen that knowledge and start building a connection at our complimentary meet and greet. Once visits begin and our care plan is put into action you will receive pictures and a detailed report of what was done at the visit along with any cute or unique stories of your pet for that day. 

Each visit included a potty break for dogs or litter box cleaning for cats, refreshing of water, and basic house sitting tasks such as bringing in the mail and newspaper, bringing trashcans to or from the curb, and rotation of lights and blinds. Feeding and medication is provided depending upon the routine and need of your pet.

Stable Hands Pet Care Testimonials

“Our dog Charlie loved working with David! She is a high-energy lab who needed a mid-day walk daily. We always felt confident with David taking care of her. She was prompt, reliable, and flexible. When she had CCL surgery and needed extra attention and sensitivity during her walks, we knew David could take care of her. Working with him gave us great peace of mind at work or away.”

Tyler W.

“David and Lara have been taking care of my two dogs and cat for about two years. They have always done a great job. My dogs love them and it is such a comfort to me to know that they are being well taken care of. David and Lara are extremely dependable, responsible, and go out of their way to accommodate my needs. I highly recommend them to take care of any type of pet!”

Lila L.

“You won’t go wrong having Lara and David pet sit for you. I can’t say enough great things about Lara and David. I have known them 7 years. They have cat sit and house sit for me. They take the time to make sure my fur babies are doing alright and gives them lots of love and attention. I have become best of friends with Lara. I give them 4 paws up.”

Katie B.

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Stable Hands pet care and services of a white and black cat